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     We all have our reasons for doing what we do. For me it is being connected to the land and the animals and raising good quality food for myself and my family.


     I was born and raised in Switzerland on goats' milk, goat cheese, and lots of fresh vegetables.

I was the youngest of eight kids.  Having little money, my family was poor, so I thought. As I got older, I realized I actually grew up very rich in things money can’t buy; the kindness and love for animals, the connection to the food we eat and the respect for our environment.

     When I moved to Grass Valley in 2002 I rekindled these rich childhood memories. Thoughts brought me back to my father in his barn tending to his goats.  The time I spent with this gentle man taught me a deep love for animals. He also taught me how to grow nice vegetables, fruit and berries. But the thing I miss the most was his cheese.  He made the most delicious goat cheese that I strive to this day to recreate.

     It’s a journey for me, this connection to a time where we knew our food on a deeper level. I’ve learned so much through all the things I’ve tried and am happy to share this knowledge with others.  It’s so important for all of us to reconnect and honor the food that keeps us alive.

~ Ruth and Lee

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