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American Aberdeen Cattle

Our full-blood and pure-bred American Aberdeen cattle are registered with the American Aberdeen Association   They are strictly grass-fed, short and stocky with high meat yield, birth babies easily, and are very happy and healthy grazing on our lush pastures. Aberdeens are not fussy eaters and are great for grazing down grassy areas for fire prevention.


Katahdin Sheep

We can create unrelated packages as we have four different blood lines. Our sheep are free of OPP and CL, and the genetic codons are RR and QR, which make them resistant to scrapies. We believe that in order to have healthy, vigorous babies, you need to start with healthy, vigorous moms and dads. Katahdins are wonderful companions for Aberdeen

cattle, they graze alongside eating the things that the cows pass by.

Nubian Goats

Our dairy herd has improved every year through great genetics from superior milking-line bucks. We breed for easy handling, personality traits and nice udders for easy milking. Our does are heavy milkers with great tasting quality milk. All of our goats are registered with the ADGA and our herd is free of CAE and CL. Nubian goats are great brushers that love eating blackberry vines and poison oak.


East Friesian Dairy Sheep

Our East Friesian Dairy Sheep are from top-quality breeding stock and are tested free of OPP and CL. We believe that in order to have awesome cheese and yogurt, you have to have amazing sheep, and they are! (Sorry, no registry is available for this breed in the US.)

Great Pyrenees Dogs

Of all of the livestock guard dogs, we have found the Great Pyrenees to be the most loyal, both to us and the livestock. They are also very adaptable to  all of the different types of farm animals.


     Basic care of animals is extremely important.  We believe that by feeding nutritional feed, providing adequate shelter, good pasture, and removing predator threats, your animals will thrive.


                 If you are planning to own any farm animals, keep in mind that they are domesticated animals and need care.  Proper fencing, shelter from the winter cold and rain, and shade from the summer heat.  Guardian animals such as guard dogs or llamas are a great way of keeping predators away.  People say that goats eat anything but in our experience,  they are very particular about what they eat.  They prefer browsing on brush rather than grazing on grass.  If you want nice, happy, healthy animals give them lots of love.


     I strongly advise anyone who is starting any size farm to choose a reliable veterinarian and establish a relationship with that person long before problems arise.  My veterinarian knows my animals by name, knows my setup and knows my crazy personality.  She has given me a lot of guidance over the phone and makes herself very available in the case of a true emergency.

Before you purchase an animal please contact us so that we can guide you on how to best set up your property for the animal of your choice.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

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